On Digestion - 17 Apr 2017

This. All of this.

It's going to take me a while to process all of this, but a few things stand out.

One: there's some evidence that low-fiber diets mimic dysbiosis, which is fascinating, and may explain some of the issues I've been having.

Two: curiously, obesity correlates with a higher ration of one type of bacteria over another. The thing is, the type of bacteria found in higher proportion in obesity are the same ones we find in yogurts and probiotics, Firmicutes. I'm taking moderate doses of Firmicutes daily. Unless Bacteroidetes is naturally occurring in fermented foods, like kim chi, I'm not putting any in my body.

Three: among the other type of bacteria, Bacteroidetes, there are two main genera that are found in our colon, Bacteroides and Prevotella. It's possible to control which genus is more prevalent within the colon, by eating different types of food.

I've still got a lot of watching and reading to do, but this is all fascinating. It gives me some hope that whatever issues I experience eating whole grains, beans, and other foods may be a short-term problem, as long as I eat to encourage the proper type of bacteria to flourish.