On Digestion - 19 Apr 2017

I know that I said in my last post that I was done with this topic, but, I'm not.

So, the primary driver behind my abdominal pain / indigestion / bathroom issues appears to be post-prandial (post-meal) bloating in my abdomen, coupled with jeans that were too tight. I tried going up a size, and even the next size up is still too tight after a fiber-rich meal, even though they're falling off of me the rest of the time.

I can reliably reproduce it.

I feel like an idiot.

Pride has to be a factor here, too. I worked really hard to get back down to a 36, and had even managed to fit into 34s ... right before things went sideways around the end of in 2015.

So, 18 months of flip-flopping between a vegan diet, a low-fiber flexitarian diet, a paleo diet, and a junk-food-f-it-all diet, all because of my pants and my pride. Ouch.

OK, so it's probably more than just my pants; the swelling is most likely affecting my internal organs as well. The shortness of breath I was feeling is a good indication of that.

Nothing is changing with the course I've set, I just felt like documenting this, because I'm an idiot.

Oh, and I also gained 25 lbs. Hi insult, meet injury.

On the positive side, things are looking up. My weight has started to trend down with this shift in diet. I'm fully aware that the effects could be temporary, so it'll be interesting to watch how it trends over time.

That is all.

Actually, that's not all.

I'm quick to forget that I added an additional stressor in my life around the end of 2015, around when the troubles started, and I can't discount that in these calculations.