Weekly Review - 23 Apr 2017

Monday: Three short walks. My legs are still a bit sore from Saturday's workout, but they're better than they were on Sunday.

Additional dietary ramblings.

Tuesday: Long walk at lunchtime with a coworker. Short walks in the morning and afternoon. 20 minutes on an exercise bike in the evening, with a 10(ish) minute walking warm-up and cool-down. My legs are still slightly tired from the weekend.

Enough already with the digestive issues...

Wednesday: Short walk in the morning.

Can't stop won't stop.

Tonight we got word that my friend's mom had been taken to the hospital and it was fairly clear that she was on death's doorstep. She passed away just after midnight.

Saturday: It was great to see so many of our friends today, but I wish it had been under better circumstances.

Sunday: Family dinner at my mom's house. I went for a run at Moreau afterwards ... well, I tried to run, but I found that my energy was quite low, and I had a hard time following the leaf-covered trail. So it ended up being a hike with a bit of running thrown in. I had food with me, and I ate it, so it wasn't that. I think it was either too little sodium or that I'm getting sick. My heart rate was too high for what I was doing: walking briskly in the woods. It should have been in the 90s, but it was consistently in the 110-120 range. Usually when that happens it's because I'm sick; the reason why I suspect it may be salt is because my lips felt dry (despite drinking plenty of water). Also, I got told by a cardiologist last year that my blood pressure was too low, and I needed to eat more salt to bring it up. I need to confirm this, but I assume if my blood pressure was lower than normal (due to lower than normal sodium levels) my heart would have to pump harder to compensate. I don't know if that's true, though.

I've also considered that I might not be getting enough calories with my current way of eating. Time to log for a couple of days and see where I'm at, with caloric intake and sodium intake.

Until next week, be excellent and stuff.