Weekly Review - 24 Jan 2016

If you're reading this, and you're noticing that "fire" looks just like "ire", please hard refresh the page, or clear your browser cache. There was apparently a problem with Google Fonts on the 24th, which has since been resolved.

Tuesday: Intestinal issues, possibly stevia-induced. If that's the case it'll go a long way toward explaining the issues I was having previously.

Went to the gym in the evening. It was busier than usual, presumably due to the New Year's effect, but I had no problem getting on a treadmill. Once on the treadmill, though, I was having a hard time keeping my heart rate in my target zone. I ended up walking a lot. Odd that it's easier to control when running outside.

Friday: Down 1lb from last Friday. I found myself carb binging at lot during the evening this week. Something to work on, but I think it invalidates paleo as a mode of eating. My yearly goals included finding a method of eating that did not encourage binges.

On a positive note, my concentration has been mostly strong far this week. I hope I'm able to keep that up.

I think my next race(s) will be the Cole's Woods trail series in May. I was thinking about doing some snowshoe races (trail races at this point), but I want more time to adjust, and to rebuild my aerobic base. Plus there's no snow.

Saturday: Major overhaul of the living room contents, with a little help from my little friends.

Nasty carb binges after lunch. Giving up on paleo. I think it's primarily psychological.

Watched the recently released documentary on the Barkley Marathons. I highly recommend watching it if you're interested in ultrarunning. It's astounding that anyone manages to finish out there. (Check out Travis Wildeboer's 2013 report for a good overview of the Innsmouth-level horror.)

Sunday: Long run at Saratoga Spa State Park, again. There was even less snow than last week, but more ice. I'm starting to get my winter feet back, finally, and I'm starting to feel more confident on the icy stuff. At one point, near the end, I came to a clearing in the trees, with snow-dusted ice stretching at least 1/4 mile in either direction, at least 30' across. Somehow I managed to get across that without falling, though I'm still not sure how. I still haven't had a chance to find my Yaktrax.

That's it. Be excellent to each other. Please.