Weekly Review - 30 Apr 2017

Tuesday: Walking, Running, Biking while watching season 5 of the new Doctor Who.

I'm slowly warming up to 11, probably because Amy is such a strong character. River still annoys me, though I hope that will change as time goes on, and as we learn more about her. I know a bit of where she comes from, from reading online.

Why the sudden push? I watched the first 5 minutes of season 8, and immediately wanted to know more about 12 and Bill, but I felt it was important to fill in the pieces in between. Spoilers, sweetie.

Wednesday: Thinking back to my issues over the weekend, with trying to run and having no energy. At one point, just after leaving the crossroads (junction S9), I felt light-headed, too.

In an effort to figure it out, I tracked my food intake on Monday. There was a slight amount of showing off, especially toward the end of the day. (I'm not sure how else to describe it. It's eating for the sake of logging what I've eaten.)

Even without supplementation, I met the RDA of everything except for vitamins D and E, and omega-3s. My sodium was sufficient, even a bit high, but I was intentionally pushing it to try and rehydrate, in case that was the problem. My caloric intake was in line with my estimated burn. Even my lysine intake, the amino acid that vegans are most likely to be deficient in, was above the RDA.

So, what was it?

Honestly, I don't know. I'm not concerned about vitamin D this time of year; I am conscious of getting enough sunlight, and I supplement when I don't. Even if I forget to supplement, the few manufactured foods that I add to my diet are fortified with it.

The vitamin E levels are something to watch, but it just gives me one more reason to eat more leafy greens.

Interestingly, even though my protein levels were sufficient (90g on the day I measured), there is some indication that I might want to aim even higher. Based on the recommendations of Jack Norris, RD, and assuming that my ideal body weight is indeed 170 lbs (77 kg), I might want to be aiming for 100-140 grams of protein each day to maintain athletic performance. Now, I know that as I continue to push myself, my appetite will increase, and as I eat more food, my protein intake will increase. However, there is some indication there that I might want to resume daily protein supplementation as I continue to push my body.

So, that's where I'm at. I'll keep eating until satisfied, aim for at least 3 servings of leafy greens, legumes, and whole grains each day, and include a protein supplement at least every other day. If that's sufficient to avoid the issues I encountered on Sunday, awesome.

I'll also be sure to add a sodium source to bring with me on my longer training runs, in case that really was the problem. I'm thinking maybe some salt mixed in with a bag of dates or raisins.

I'll re-evaluate my intake at some point in the near future; maybe it makes more sense to write it all down and then add it up at the end? That way I'm not watching the numbers move in real time, and my tinkerer's instinct won't have a chance to kick in and try to twist the dials.

Friday: Finally got out around midnight for the run I had planned on Thursday. I was too tired, though, and I shut it down after less than a mile.

Saturday: One of my best friends asked if we wanted to meet up in New Paltz. So, the kids and I headed down, and met up with her and her family. The kids played for a while, and we enjoyed the awesome New Paltz food. Afterwards, the kids and I headed up to Minnewaska, where we spent a while observing the newts and climbing around on the rocks.

Sunday: I went for a long run at Moreau State Park again. When I was heading back from my run last week, I noticed the sign on Wilton Road pointing out the hiker's parking lot. I had never set out from there, so I decided to check it out, despite having only a hunch as to where it tied together with the rest of the park.

As it turned out, I was right. I headed west(ish) when I got to the loop trail that runs around Lake Bonita, an then took the next trail headed in the right direction; I have no idea what color the trail is, other than it's two colors. This was, by far, one of the more interesting trails I've been on. Shortly after I split off from the dam on Lake Bonita, I came across a barbed wire fence, with the trail running through a break in it. I knew that some of the land had previously belonged to the prison at Mount McGregor, but I hadn't expected to find myself running through the old fences.

I made my way past some striking rock faces, often in the middle of nowhere, and one quaint waterfall. Eventually the trail turned a corner and I found myself on the trail I thought I was on; a few minutes later I was on the Western Ridge Trail. I made my way up to the same S9 junction I had used as my turn-around point, and headed toward Lake Ann.

The going was peaceful, more or less, but when I got to the marshy area near where Lake Ann starts, I found myself spooked a bit; this had happened the last time I had run through this stretch of trail, too. It wasn't so much the marshy area this time, it was the open woods to my right, which climbed gently up to a small hill. I didn't get any real indication of what freaks me out so much about that stretch.

A moment later, I saw smoke up ahead. There was a fire burning at the lean-to at Lake Ann. I walked around, looking to see if anyone was there, but there was no one to be found. I looked inside the lean-to; there was a pair of gloves on a makeshift bench, and a large piece of birch bark. That was it. As I was documenting my find, a man rode up on a mountain bike with fat tires. We talked for a while; his name was Jim. I told him I would do my best to put the fire out with the water in my reservoir (bladder was the only word that would come to me at that moment, so I kept saying "pack bladder" to distinguish it from my other one...).

I was able to put out the flames, and cool off some of the logs and coals, but the logs were too thick to really trust that they would stay out. I called the DEC line that was listed on their site for reporting fires, and told the lady on the other end what I had found, and where it was. Then I paced around a few more times, trying to find something I could use to carry water from Lake Ann to the fire pit, found nothing, and headed out.

The rest of the trip was relatively uneventful. I found myself back on the loop trail around Lake Bonita, went left, so I wouldn't re-run the part I had already run, and made my way back to the car. Jim was there when I got there, and we talked about cars for a few minutes before we said our goodbyes.

That's about it. My nutrition was far more dialed this time, and it would have been a nearly perfect run had I not decided to dump the contents of my bladder on an unattended fire in the middle of nowhere. GoMacro is my new favorite running bar, though given how quickly I tend to cycle through these things, we'll see how long it lasts.

I also felt much stronger than I did on last week's long run; partially I think it was the fact that I remembered to bring extra food and extra salt. (Salted dates are delicious, and the salt brings out unexpected flavors in the dates.) I think my plan to boost my protein intake has paid off; we'll see if it continues to work as time goes on.

Well, that's it. Be excellent to each other, and gorram it, put out your ruttin' campfires.