Weekly Review - 31 Jan 2016

Tuesday: Up 3lbs since Friday. Last Thursday was when I said that I had had enough of paleo, and had a quesadilla for a late dinner. The next day, I thought I had something like a cold coming on, which got progressively worse over the weekend and beyond. I'm still stuffed and coughing now.

I've felt this, all of this, before. This pattern repeats every time I add wheat back into my diet. I gain weight, approximately 3lbs, and I feel like my seasonal allergies are coming on strong.

So, I'm cutting wheat back out, as well as rye, barley, and for the first time in this type of experiment, oats. I adore oats, and missing them is one of the reasons why I keep failing at eating paleo. However, it's worth a few extra weeks of experimentation, to see if avenin is part of the problem. Also, there's apparently a high probability of other grains ending up in oats. (FWIW, I've been eating Bob's Red Mill oats nearly exclusively for years, but not always the certified GF version.)

My concentration also appears to be down compared to last week. All of this is subjective, of course.

I've also had a recurring headache since Sunday evening. Ibuprofen did appear to help it when it was at its worst.

Wednesday: Totally forgot to mention that broken skin on my hands has gotten significantly worse over the past few days. I woke up to a swollen face and hands this morning, too.

I know that all of things could be coincidence, but it's developing into a pattern.

It's fairly clear that wheat needs further investigation, if nothing else. I still haven't confirmed if it actually is wheat that causes this reaction in my body, or an adjunct, but I have confirmed that whatever it is, it happens quickly, over the course of a few days.

Thursday: My mood has taken a hit, as well. Had some wheat pretzels in the morning.

More sinus issues in the evening. I should also point out that my stevia consumption has followed my wheat consumption this week, so that can't be ruled out as a contributing factor.

Whatever it is, or they are, I'm a wreck this week.

Friday: I've been listening to the Primal Endurance podcast, and one of the episodes mentioned the addictive nature of sugar and possibly wheat. In that light, it makes it a bit easier to understand the continued bingeing, and gives me something of a path toward getting that under control.

First fully gluten and oat free day.

Saturday: Sleep has been bad all week.

Got out for a run on the Hemlock Trail. It was good to get back, after biting it hard on some sloped ice there two weeks earlier. My hand is still healing from that nonsense. This time around I had found and brought my YakTrax Run. I was glad that I had them along for the ride, because the trails were slick in some spots, and pure ice in others (such as the stretch above).

The sinus nonsense came back in full force during my run, and that's all I'll say about that.

Made pancakes for breakfast. I ran out of rice flour and ended up subbing in some arrowroot flour. That stuff is slippery. I went to close the bag up and a teaspoon or so worked its way out just from the action of me pressing and folding the top of the bag.

Sunday: Non-stop grazing all day. Stomach was in horrid shape by the evening.

So, in a little over a week, I've gone from "wah, I'm bingeing" to "OMFG, I'm doubled over in pain."


So, at the simplest level, a moderate-to-high fat/low carb diet will have to do for now. I hesitate to put that "paleo" label back on, but that's basically it. Actually "Atkins" might be more appropriate, since I think I'll be keeping beans in, unless they become problematic, but I refuse to count "net carbs". Whatever. I'm sick of labels right now.

If my memory serves, the last time my gut was this messed up, I ate a quasi-paleo diet for a few months and I was OK after that. The time before that, my doctor cured it unintentionally with a round of GoLytely. 😣

On a positive note, the random winter-related cuts and cracks on my hands are healing.

Be excellent.