Weekly Review - 6 Mar 2016

Monday: Calisthenics in the PM, along with some yoga.

Whole30 day two. Not so bad.

Crazy winds around 11 PM. Enough to keep me half-awake for an hour listening for a loud crack. That never came, but there were smaller branches down all over the place, and our roof was pelted during the storm by small debris (it sounded like acorns).

Tuesday: This is day three of Whole30, and it's going well. I've lost the water weight I packed on at the end of last week, and the post-meal "hollow feeling" didn't show up after lunch or dinner today.

I went for a run at our local YMCA track, and managed 25 continuous minutes around peak aerobic. Was going for 30 but my HR crept too high and I decided I was done. Walked for another 15. I opted not to eat anything afterwards, since it was well past dinner, and I'm trying not to eat after dinner.

I think it's time to start getting ready for the May races. This far out that just means more of this stuff, and more strength training. I was having visions of a 5K PR on tonight's run. One can dream.

The Strava-FitBit integration screwed me yet again. My run tonight tracked at 6k steps, on both my running watch and my phone's step counter. The phone data pushed to FitBit, and I was at 12k steps. Then, the run itself sync'd, through Strava, and I found myself down at 10.7k steps. The kicker is that it also pushes to Endomondo, which reads the watch's step count. The step count on the watch reads at 6k, while the step count on FitBit reads at 4.7k. So, it looks like FitBit is only using the distance, or Strava is filtering out the step count, and FitBit can't use it. Why isn't FitBit using the step count from my phone, though?


Wednesday: Today marks 18 years since my friend Suzy went missing. I don't know what else to say.

Binge in the evening. It started with fruit, presumably the tropical fruit salad I had after dinner, when everyone else was having chocolate cake. By 11, when I forced myself to start cleaning, I found myself staring in to the fridge and cupboard. Eventually I ate some more of the fruit salad, and then some more, until it was gone. Then I went after the maple almond butter, which stopped the binge.

I accept that it was partially emotional, given the circumstances of the day, and some current events that I haven't written about. Even so, I think I need to avoid the sweeter fruits, and I need to make sure that I'm eating any fruit with a meal. Berries, both culinary and botanical, seem to be OK. I've avoided dates because they're basically candy to me, and it looks like this fruit salad is out for a while, now, too.

Saturday: Excellent trail run at Saratoga Spa State Park. I've got more on this, but I'll save it for another time.

Sunday: My Whole30 fell apart. I've got more on this, too, but I'll save that for another time as well.